Buying your recharge card voucher to top up your phone online in Nigeria using Online Airtime recharge card service channel like Instant Mobile NG is cost effective and have a lot of benefits for that which we shall briefly show you below.


Recharging your mobile phone online using Instant Mobile NG web platform does not attract any extra charges.You pay for the value of the voucher you purchase.


You get all the normal bonus you get for recharging your phone using normal recharge card voucher. e.g MTN talk more give their customer 200% on recharge of their line from N1000 and above, the same thing is applicable when you use online recharge card voucher service like Instant Mobile Ng. You get your Airtime Bonus on successful recharge and you can use the bonus to makes calls and do other thing you want like sending of SMS message or transfer. You will equally get Data plan bonus for recharge depending on the current tariff you are.


Another great advantage of using Online recharge Voucher service provider like Instant Mobile NG to recharge your phone in Nigeria is that you can recharge your phone anytime of the day 24/7. You can recharge your phone in the Mid-Night, during late hour etc.


Benefits of Buying Airtime Onlinein Nigeria

Another wonderful advantage of recharge your phone using Online Airtime Recharge platform liken instant Mobile NG is that you can recharge your  phone anywhere you are in Nigeria. You can be in Abuja, Lagos, Kanu, Imo or any other state and you get your phone recharge/Top Up in a matter of a second. All you need to make that happen is to register of our customer account, fund your wallet and Login anytime on your Member area to Top up your cell Phone on a click of a button. So you can see practically that buying your recharge card voucher to top up your phone online in Nigeria using Online Airtime recharge like Instant Mobile NG is secure, convenient and fast.

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