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INTRODUCTION: Instant Mobile NG being the first and only VTU base marketing, Development and Sale Company have come out with a Telecom Base Application Solution License which is now open for people all over Nigeria and beyond to buy and deploy to create an Endless source of Income and Revenue. This web Telecom Application Development solution is a solution which power,, and host of our client base. The solution is created and meant for:

  • Developers who want to build Telecom Solution for client
  • Investors who want to invest and own a license right to building an endless sources of revenue within the Telecom Industry
  • Web Developer who want to create a web base solution and execute complex project within minutes
  • Business man and woman who want to invest in Telecom and other web base venture as you can see below


Buy now and Earn for lifetime.

Why Our Telecom Software License is So Great...


Our Telecom Software License is User and Developer Friendly. Your user or your client will find it very amazing and your developer will fall in love with it.


You can install each Software within 10 to 30 Minutes to build your solution. Building a Solution from the Software become a brief as you can build an advance web application solution within minutes


You don't need a special Hosting Company for you to use our Software for Development. You can work with both Local and international Company.


Our Software works on a Regular Cpanel environment making it very easy for even a complete newbies to work on them. It just a few click of the mouse that will make you create a Giant Solution within minutes.


Our Software Application is not only Targeting Telecommunication Industry, you can practically Build and deploy other stand alone Base Web Application like hospital Management, e-Commerce, Banking Application, Membership Site, Company Portal, Sale Page Design, Lead Opt-in Page, Telecom, Schools, NGO, Charity, Web Industry and the rest.


Buying Our Software License will give you ownership right to
VTU Sale Page Design

You Build  VTU Sale Page

You can literally Build VTU Sale page within a minute all on autopilot

Automated Vendor Software

Your Vendor  is almost ready to execute

Automated Vending Platform License Script have been pre-configure with essential system requirement to run a full stack VTU Vending platform. You can build Full Dynamic Telecom Solution like our own portal

Web App Development Software

Get a Website Build for Company just get better

How about building Web Solution for Company, Business Owners, Schools, Hospitals, NGO, Corporate Bodies? this is what this added solution will help you accomplish. If you want to approach corporation for project execution, you go with full confident becuase you have the skill and tools and skill under your finger.

VTU Sale Page Content

In-Built PreCreated VTU Sale Content

Our VTU Sale Page Script is like plug and play devise. You don't have to write sale content again

Sale Page, , Lead Page, Landing Page

Take your Business So High

How About Having Your Business run on it own without lifting a finger that is what sale page, lead page and landing page does for you. Our Software is here to give you that.

Pres-Develope Web Content

Communicate your Skill Right

Knowing All this solution or Buying the license right does not make you big money t make money, you need a virtual web development office. How about getting a pre-created web Development sale page that you can install and customized to win more client? That what our Web Development Script Content does for you.


We have been working with Instant Mobile NG Company for two Years Now. The Company have proven their worth overtime by delivery what they promised. Even-though this is Nigerian base company, but they have been able to be different from other Africans. We have thous so far recommend the company for their work here in USA for being the best Web Freelancer Developer in the open source community. Feel free to take their products to enhance your personal or company products needs.

“What Instant Mobile NG did for us was front end and back-end membership application development for our Health and Fitness Niche Sector.”

This is What You’ll Get When you order

VTU Software.


Sale page, Web app, Content Script

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24/7 Full Support


What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Instant Mobile NG have been the company that have change our life as a company since ever we come across them. They help our Company kick start our Telecom Biz in a grand style”

Sir Rejoice (Nigerian Web Solution)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“We are a complete beginner and new player in this VTU business but instant Mobile NG have help our Company to start the business like a professional and we are grateful for them".

MD (
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Instant Mobile NG have a good and solid Base business structure with timely delivery of products base on promise. We have been able to start telecom Business with the help and guide plus wonderful sale page design by instant mobile NG.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Instant Mobile NG is one of the best Company we have work with. We have been abel to start and run successful Telecom business from the setup solution they build for our Company. Their customer support and improvement of service is second to known".

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“In-Built Solution the Company is engage own is what force to stick with project developemtn after my IT in the Company headquatre".


Is This Software Right for You?

This Software is not for everybody, and you can be wrong to buy it if it is not for you.


  • If you are a Developer who want to expand your rich in Telecom
  • If you are a Vendor who want to increase more sale in your Business
  • IF you are already a Site Owner either a Reseller or Partner Site on Instant Mobile NG who want to Take total control
  • A Web Developer looking for Solution for faster execution of project


  • Someone who is looking for Get Ric quick why of making money online in Nigeria
  • Lazy and Unserious fellow looking for easy way for success without investment
  • Someone who do not have zeal for building a long lasting business
  • Those who think money cannot be made online in Nigeria
Get [Desired Result] in [Time span]

We Guarantee all Client who buy any of our Software License N400,000 to 1Million on average of 3 Months. If After 3 Month you could not achieve up to that or you were not able to make money, kindly request for a refund.

Real Bonus For Fast Action Takers

You will have the below benefits and Bonus as you take a positive step in purchasing any of our license

Access to a private Facebook Group

This Group give you privilege for you to be mentor by our Team including the Brain Master Behind Instant Mobile NG Company Success over the past 10 Years.


24/7 Support = We are here Full Time

We give you full support, You can call on our Team 24/7 for any Technical issue you may have regarding our solution and you will see our Team sorting it out for you.


Free Application Installation

We can install any of the software you directly on your server for absolutely free of Charge with no additional money.

Free Ownership Right

You are the Free owner of the software, scripts and Vending Solution We sale to you, you can tweak it to turn into any of your preferred solution .

Free Resale Right

How About Making some Money by reselling the same solution to other and price it any amount of your choice? doing this alone can net you close to 1M every month just be reselling it.

Automated Application

All our Software is 90% Automated meaning that your client will love it and will pay you for it. We do not sale just a software for you, we sale a dynamic web application for you that mirror any project and clone the entire web project of your choice within a minute.

Start Today! Choose Your Plan Below

Buying the Developer License will multiply your turnover overtime in a matter of weeks. You are expect to have an account with us at before you can buy any of the below license. Kindly click on Buy Now on any of your preferred plan and fill your basic registration form. Pay for your basic License on the vending platform which is Monthly Vendor Account which is currently N500. Once your account is activated, kindly login and Fund your wallet to use it to Purchase any of your preferred software licenses below.

Marketer License N80,000

  • VTU Software License
  • VTU Script License
  • VTU Sale Page Content License
  • Free Custom Domain Name
  • Free 1 Year Web Hosting and Domain Registration
  • Video Base Installation Guide and Training
  • Marketing Guide and Training

Business License N250,000

  • VTU Software License Software
  • VTU Sale Page Content License
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Free 1 Year Web Hosting and Domain Registration
  • Video Base Installation Guide Training
  • Marketing Guide and Training
  • Stand alone Sale Page License
  • Stand Alone Landing page Generator
  • Vending Platform Generator Script
  • 3 professional Web Application Development Module License

Developer License N500,000

  • VTU Software License
  • VTU Sale Page Content License
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Free 1 Year Web Hosting and Domain Registration
  • Physical Installation Guide and Training
  • Marketing Guide and Training
  • Stand Alone Sale Page License
  • Stand Alone Landing Page Generator
  • Vending Platform Generator Script
  • Unlimited Web Application Development Module License
  • Physical Training on Installation and Training
  • Pre-Created License Right to Web Design and Development Sale Page, Hotel Script Sale Page, VTU Sale PAge Script, School Sale page Script, Company Sale Page Script,
  • Free Access to Hotel Script, Hospital Management Script, School Management Script etc
  • Dynamic Membership Site Generator License
  • Access to Thousands of Other Premium Script for any Web Project


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