Frequently Asked Questions.
1. How do I subscribe for your Airtime, Data Bundles, Bill Payment,?
Answer: You need to open an account with us before you can subscribe for our various Mobile and digital subscription services. Visit http://instantmobile.com.ng/view-account-type/ to check all the features of each account type and visit http://instantmobile.com.ng/register/  to get registered.

  1. After Subscription, will I be activated Instantly?

    Answer: We do not guarantee our subscribers instant activation.

  2. For how long will I have to wait before I’m activated?

    Answer: On normal or favorable circumstance, our customers do receive their Airtime/data subscription/bill Payment within 5 to 10 minutes

  3. How do I know if I have been activated or not?

    Answer: On activation, a subscriber receives an SMS notification for both Airtime & Data bundle subscription. If you subscribe for Decoder Subscription (Gotv, Start Times, Dstv) your Decoder will start showing all the channels you subscribed to within 5 to 40 Minutes after your subscription depending on the network of the respective company.

  4. Can I check my Airtime and Data balance?

    Answer: Yes, you can easily check your data balance with USSD Code: MTN-> *461*7#, Etisalat-> *229*9#, GLO-> *127*0#, AirTel->*123*10# or *123*57# or *123*58#. For Airtime balance, use the normal Airtime checking balance.

  5. After I have receive my data, I’m I required to perform some special configurations on my phone or computer, before I can start browsing?

    Answer: No, you are not required to perform any special configurations on your device rather than your ISP’s normal or default  internet settings.

  6. How I’m I sure this is not a cheat or tweak that could be blocked anytime?

    Answer: This is not a cheat or tweak, we legally purchase huge amount of data, Airtime, Bill Subscription Package from network providers and sale it at a lower price for you as a customer.

  7. Does your Data Bundle Subscription work on all devices?

    Answer: Yes, our data plans works on all internet enabled devices be it an Andriod, Iphone & Ipad, windows phone, tablets, blackberry 10 OS, computers etc.

  8. Can your data bundles really last for 30days?

    Answer: All our data bundles have 30days validity.

  9. Do you support data roll over?

    Answer: Yes, unused data can be rolled over if you top up your data by subscribing again before your bundle expires. But there is no rollover on etisalat bundles

  10. If I exhaust my data before 30days, can I subscribe again?

    Answer: Yes, you can subscribe as many times as possible.

  11. How Do I check my e-wallet Account Balance?

Answer: Login to your Account to check your e-wallet Account Balance. You will also see your transactions history, the date, amount and time you make the transaction and you will see your current account balance as well, plus other features.

  1. How do I pay money into my e-wallet Account?

Answer: To add fund into your e-wallet account is very simple, all you need to do is to login into your Account and click on make Payment. You will be provided with the Bank details and instruction on how to make payment both online and offline.

  1. How Long will my e-wallet Account stay before it get funded

Answer: Your account will get funded immediately we confirm your payment from the Bank. Whenever you spend fund on your account like pay for Airtime, Data Bundle Plan, Pay Bills, your Account balance will get deducted with the amount you spend. This deduction is reflected on your e Wallet Account each day probably in the evening. You can Login into your e-wallet Account anytime of the day to see your transactions in real time.

  1. How do I request for any of your sub Services

Answer: Once you have fund on your e-wallet Account, Just Login into your Account and click on the appropriate services you want like let say you want to buy airtime, just click the tab Buy Airtime and fill up a simple form on the page. You will receive the Airtime or Data bundle or Bill payment notification within 5 to 10 Minutes.

  1. What if I request for Airtime, Data Bundle Plan, or Bill Payment and I did not get notification after 5 to 10 Minute

Answer: In some situation, there may be a Network problem. We encourage all our customer to exercise patient like let say 30 Minutes before contacting us. In some instant, we will personally give you a call if the services you requested have an issue like network failure and if it persists, we will refund your money back to your e wallet account.

  1. I subscribe for Bill Payment (Gotv, Dstv, Star Times,) but my Television is not showing the channel I subscribe what do I do?

Answer: Take note that sometime, bill payment in some time do take between 5 minutes to 40 Minutes before showing your subscribed channels. If after your subscription, the channel is not showing, give it some few minutes like 30 to 40 minute. If after this time,it is not showing anything, do call us immediately.

For more inquires call 07014984653