If you have ever wish to build an alternative stream of income online, this offer is for you. Permit me to share with you my Internet Business Master Code [IBMC] pack which include years of experience on internet business. Scroll down to read details.

Hello there,

I remain your humble friend Shedrach, the Co-founder of E-Network Business Solution ®RC 2449420. A web Development and iCT company powering the #1 Nigeria based Telecom Platform, also powering one of the largest Digital Market Place site in Nigeria with affiliate and earning system , +, A School Automation platform that help all schools in Nigeria to Go online and some other initiatives.

I have been Online doing Internet Business Since
 12Years Plus Now

December 16th, 2018

Below are my offer. These are what i do to make a living online legitimately:

Internet Business Master Code:

  • Website Desiging Business #1 - Web design is one of my major business online. I make good money designing website for people locally and internationally. There are lots of small business owners who wish to put up their products and services on the internet. Nowadays, becoming a website designer is as simple as ABC even without programing knowledge.I will show you how, steps and the tools i use to design website for myself and also design for people to make good money. I will also show you how i get clients both local and foreigners and how much to charge them will be revealed to you.

  • Digital Marketing Business-GP, MRR, PRL #2 - I deal on General Public License (GPL) premium products. These are products you have 100% right to resell or redistribute and make good money for yourself.  I will reveal to you how i use and resell e-products online. I will also give you tools including premium GPL products, PLR, MRR materials of which you can use personally to improve your online business or start your very own e-product or digital marketing business.

  • Affiliate Marketing #3 -Affiliate marketing and networking business are the fastest and easiest earning system that can pull in cash into your bank account without having a website. You will find it interesting if you know the right steps and follow my recommendations of how it works for me. I am going to reveal to you how it works,  best affiliate program and legit networking business you can do to earn passive income on daily basis.

  • Membership Portal Business #4 - So, if you wish to setup your very own Membership Portal Kind of Business website like, selling your own product with endless earning opportunity, providing commission to affiliate members on your Membership Portal. I will tell you how to get started including how to setup your own Membership Portal complan, recruiting affiliates and making more profit for yourself..

  • Fiver and Freelancing Business #5- This is the most popular MMO business in town. Though it can be tasking, but you can build a mansion working as a freelancer if you know what you are doing. Most especially, if you have digital skills you could be making thousands of $$$ on daily basis. I made my first earning withdrawal of 70k back in 2016 within 1 week, since then, God has been faithful. Though i am not 100% active on Fiverr business anymore but I will show you how Fiverr works, what really sells on Fiverr and how you can choose profitable niche for yourself + killer ideas on how to get started. I will also connect you with Fiverr Gurus for more tips because as internet business is concern, you don’t know it all.

  • What About Blogging Business #6-  Blogging has become very popular nowadays, everybody want to blog and make money online. A lot of people think blogging is a get-rich quick business. But if you are interested in blogging, i will show you steps to follow and be successful in a short period of time.

    NOTE: Unless you want to blog for fun, Blogging is not an easy business this days. TRAFFIC is the major barrier, no traffic no money and to beat niche blogging competition, you must know the ins and out, tips and what to do. I will guide you on which platform to go for, either blogspot, or wordpress, which profitable niche sells faster, how to get and create unique contents and i will also share the traffic secret as well.

  • Digital Mobile Marketing  Business #7-Digital Mobile Marketing Business have come to stay in this country. You can consitantly Make a killing monthly by Going into Mobile Marketing Business doing Bulk SMS, Airtime VTU, Data Sales, Digital Market Setup, GSM Database Reseller, Email Database Reseller, Shortcode Business, VOI etc. One good thing about Mobile Marketing Business is that it a Niche that can never be saturated no matter how things turn around. I will teach you how best to start and make real money using Smart Mobile Marketing approach technique.

  •  Free Academic Master Degree at your Bedroom #8-Do you know you can get a free Master Degree from the world best recognized University like Harvard without necessarily going to the school? what If I can teach you how you can get professional  Certification in Law, Science, Art and also tell you the best way to make money from this, will you send me a good thank you message? This is what I intend to do, I will show how you can Get Good Degree, Attend School free and of course how to get your Certificate right here in Nigeria and get a good Grade Job or use it as a Defense for project execution.A brief Formular on how to Make N45000 per month using this business module will be review to you on this guide. You will find it very easy on how to make money if you know this well reasons being becuase  Going to school in this country is too difficult do to a lot of cost implication and the certificate acquire here in this country has limitation and showing someone this opportunity will net you huge income.

  • Web Project Software Automation Business #9- Web Project Automation Software is a set of Tools top internet Marketers and web master use to build a complex and powerful project in a matter of minute. What If i can show you how to get this tools and teach you how to make money with it. This section give you an overview of the most Best Internet Resource Tools and how to get them. You can build great looking internet base resource or web application in a matter of minutes and the best part of it is that you don't need to be a coder or get your Hand dirty to learn as everything is click by click and point by point web app that even a day old child can use Lol..

  • Sale Funnel Replication Business #10-Creating a High ticket offer can be task demanding. What if you could use a Leverage Sale Funnel System [LSFS] that is already pre-built to start getting results in your business? In this section I will teach you more about sale funnel system business, how to start a sale funnel business under 36hours from now at the comfort of your home and make your first Sale within 24hours using already High Copywriting Replication System [HCRS] to generate cash on Demand. This sale funnel system if you properly implement it can net you 100,000 per month by doing a simple task that will not take you 5 minutes inside your sale funnel business. If other 9 Business module highlighted above did not work for you, this particular one will definitely work for you because here you are not doing any strange work or development. It is just a few click of the mouse that you do to command thousand of into your local bank account. I called it the lazy man income system.


You see, internet business has a lot of branches and niche you can dive into. We call it  Double Your Hustle (DYHC). There are lots of business you can do to build wealth on the internet but i have made few available as offer in my IBMC Package for you to start with.

I am not going to lure you to pick my offer, I am not offering this to gather money. I will tell you plain black and the challenges involved. I believe you know, NOTHING comes eazy. A lot of people do complain of no one to show them the way but your story should change if you can take my offer today. Everybody hustle to survive on daily basis so not everybody have time revealing what works for them.

Now listen, my offer is not a bunch of ebooks course or history of internet since 1907 like what you have seen before. My offer include accurate support and a complete guidance with you till when you start achieving your dream. I am not selling E-Book courses other than full details on my topics compiled in one place with key points.

Once you grab my offer, you will automatically download a copy of details compiled for you in PDF and with your details you will provide on checkout page, we are already connected as i will add you to my follow up and discussion Forum. With your purchase account information, i will be able to follow you up once you join Forum (IBMC Forum) which i have setup for this purpose. This is where i will keep my eyes on you to make sure you achieve something on the internet too.

Furthermore, I will be sharing more ideas with you in IBMC Forum, i mean PREMIUM E-Business idea including hot selling niche, getting to make money for you on auto-pilot, importation business, Facebook marketing strategies, Vlogging, SEO masterclass, Email marketing and you will also gain 50% full access to Instant Mobile NG CFM Membership.

How Much is this offer?

Can you afford 20k, 80k, or 200k for this offer? Offer like this will cost you few thousands somewhere else, that is if you see any Guru who have the time, not someone who will sell ebook for you and leave you OYO. If you come to my office to learn all these, you will be paying nothing less than 100 – 150k. But if you take action right now within few hours of making this offer page available it will cost you a token amount of just N1,600.

Yeah you heard me right, with just N1,600, you are qualified to dine and wine with me and my over 5 years of experience + investment on internet business including my premium tools, software, templates etc… I have done all the research for you and will still be doing, i have spent so much money on tools as well. These are what you are going to benefit from me once you grab my offer.

You may ask:

Why not make it FREE of charge instead of this token amount? Okay if i give you this offer FREE of charge, will you value it? NO. The reward for humanity is priceless and what you get for free is not valuable! Remember, i am making this offer available for few people who really know what they want and seriously interested in what we do for the living. It will also be one of my ways of giving back to the society.

There are lots of ideas and experiences to share. There are tools to share with people who need them because they are occupying space in my BRAIN and on my hard drive. I need to offload and share them, i need to share the idea for others to benefit too. I can’t keep all to myself you see. I need people to learn from my experience.

So can you afford N1,600? If YES, take action now before i change my mind.

What next?

Now decide if you are interested in this offer. So you wish to have alternative source of income? You wish to join IBMC FORUM? You wish to start making millions on the internet legitimately too? If your answer is yes, click Order Now button below to pay using your ATM card online or Bank Deposit.

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