If you have been struggling designing website the easy way Or you have been having hard time making money with your web design knowledge, may be you don't even have any idea..
Then you need to read this now….

Dear friend,

I have seen many people suffered from the hands of fake marketers who claimed to know how to design professional websites without writing a single code and all that they could get out of it was shit! I have fallen for so many of them as they are all over the internet.

Many people even claimed to know Wordpress very well to design any type of website but if you ask them how many websites have they designed then it becomes another story, ask them how much have they made from designing website then it becomes face me face you thing.

Do you really want to be like those?
I guess No! I Know You Want Good Result!

Maybe you too have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to use Dreamweaver or FrontPage some even call some of them simple web design software without getting a tangible result.

Let me tell you some of my stories, I was a young guy eager to design a website for myself and make my business move to the next level when I stumbled on some internet crappy course call some sort of Web design training blah blah blah… has they called it, I spent countless hours trying to figure them out until I found more reliable solution where I can just drag and drop files, notes, contents, text, images and make out a professional website.

Initially I use to think Wordpress was only made for bloggers I don’t know that one can make professional websites out of it until I learned it. I use to use wordpress to update my blogs before but to my surprise I found out that most expensive professional websites out there were built using Wordpress.
If you don’t believe just be patient a little, I will show you some proofs.

Before We Move Further Let Me Show You
What Wordpress Really Is

Before I will be explaining to you how I use WordPress to design any type of website which has given me edge over many web designers we started together let me start by fully introduce you to what wordpress is and how I have leveraged it over web designing tools like Dreamweaver, FrontPage and others to achieve success in my web designing career.

Here is what worpress is; WordPress was built to reduce the stress of anyone who wants to design a website or make a living doing web design for clients (like I am doing) without having to write a code to design responsive website. WordPress is software that allows users to “Drag” and “Drop” anything they wanted exactly where they wanted it to appear.

This has been what I have been doing for years now, whenever I want to design a website, all I needed to do is to drag and drop whatever I want to appear where I wanted it, like I want to make a header to show somewhere or a picture or a particular special function or a web form, all I needed to do is to drag and drop it without writing any code.

WordPress has saved my neck a lot of time and energy from codes and software like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Komposer and so many of them like that.

It has a feature we call it Visual C; have you ever heard it? I guess not, let me introduce you to this amazing tool, this feature alone is a BOMB! With this feature, all you needed to know is how to draw a pattern you want on a paper with biro or pencil and then drag and drop anything you want where you want it and the visual “C” will handle the rest. Sweet, isn’t it? There is more to that, I will show you soon.

Let me quickly tell you some main different between Wordpress and other web designing tools.

Wordpress Vs Other Web Designing Tools

WordPress is outstanding software that for you to be an outstanding web designer as well, you need to master how to work with wordpress perfectly.

There are some advantages of wordpress over other web designing tools which I am going to explain to you one by one here.

The first one is Accessibility: WordPress is a free software which makes it accessible for anyone who want to use it to design a website, no need looking for a cracked file like many young web designers does when they want to start learning web deigning with software like Dreamweaver; it is a Free source software and it themes prototypes are all over the internet, so many of them are for free while some of them are paid, meanwhile, if you do your research properly, you will get a good affordable paid theme for a ridiculous price and you can as well settle to the Free WordPress Themes as well, you will still do a great job with the free theme.

The second is that Wordpress themes are easy to use for both the designer and user: when it comes to designing website, the first thing that should come to your mind should be “what is the ease of use of this software?” If you cannot easily grasp the use of particular software then you have to stay away from that software as fast as you can if you don't want to spend the rest of your life trying to figure out so many features.

Wordpress was built to help reduce time of coding and to upgrade professionalism the fastest way. With Wordpress, you need to do no or little work as a designer as almost everything is drag and drop. I call it

Lazy Man’s Way of Designing a Website!

The third thing is that Wordpress has a user friendly interface: when it comes to Admin and Client interface, Wordpress is the best!

I remembered when I wanted to do my first website project and the client said she was going to need to be able to update it by herself, I was baffled in my mind on how I was going to write an HTML & PHP codes that would allow the user to do almost anything she wanted to do, and the main thing she wanted to be doing is to be updating the news feed by herself from the convenience of her home and that was when I stumbled on Wordpress platform.

With Wordpress, I built the website, gave the client access to a part of the website which will only allow her to only work on the news feed and it was awesome as it increased my prestige, my professionalism with the client.

She was so happy that she thought I have done a very BIG Programming work! How do you think I would feel at that time? Like king of course! Since that time I have been using Wordpress for all my web design project and it does not only give me edge over other web designers but also reduces my work Time by almost 90%, this days, to design a five pages stunning website this days all I need is just two hours to design using wordpress unlike before where I will spend the whole day designing only five pages website.

There is something I qickly need to address, it is an issue that is all over the web and this issue is that, many people has asked me and I have read it from many places online where people are comparing a Website to a Blog.

Let me address this issue because it is important you don’t miss them together.

Different Between A Website And A Blog

There is no correlation between a website and a blog, they are two different things. Before I can address this question very well I need to explain to you what a website is.

A “web” is the term used on internet to describe anything that display something online while a “site” is a piece of space where the “web” is situated these is why we use to say a “website address”.

There are different types of websites which are.

  1. A corporate website: this is a company’s website where they display their services and have introduction about their company written.
  2. A Portal Site: this are the types of websites that the purpose is to collect someone’s data for future reference or for examination purpose like jamb .com .ng, like waeconline .com e.t.c
  3. An eCommerce website: this is a website that sells stuffs online like jumia .com.ng, konga .com.
  4. Social Networking Website: this is a website that connects people online like Facebook .com, twitter .com and so on.
  5. Forum website: this websites are made mainly for the purpose of contribution, helps and comment on a particular topic, website like, nairaland .com.
  6. Blog Website: A blog is a sub part of a website that the only thing you put on it is contents; it is a content base website that allow user to write about a product, or news or anything he/she wants.

As you can see, I have listed like six different types of websites which a Blog is one of them. If anyone is comparing a blog to a website it is just like someone is asking for the different between a Forum and a Website.

This means if you want to know how to design a BLOG then what you must learn is how to design a website then now learn how to design a blog prototype website.

If you have a Blog, then you have a website. There is no different between a blog address and other types of website’s address as they all start with www and end with dotcom or any other Dot they may put.

Out of the above mentioned website there is no one I cannot design and there is no one you cannot design with Wordpress, Amazing! Isn’t it?

There are some steps I take whenever I want to design a new website.

Steps In Designing A Website Using WordPressDesigning Steps

Anytime I have a new project, no matter how big it is, there are three things I use to do which are;

  1. Install WordPress Software Offline: Many People think wordpress is only used online and because of that they run from it due to internet connection issues they might have along the line, Imagine how many years I ran too before I found solution to it; with this method, I don’t need to have any software like Dreamweaver or FrontPage not even internet connection, all I needed is a Web Browser like Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome then I will start designing offline, simple!
  2. Get a WordPress Theme with Visual “C” Feature: WordPress Themes are like prototypes you will have to follow to build your website. Let’s say you want to design a website like nairalandnews, there is a prototype nairalandnews dotcom follows that makes the designer to be able to design the website without coding anything, yes of course, nairalandnewsdotcom was design using WordPress!
    1. What I use to do is very simple, I will go to a website that I like the design and check the kind of prototype they use then I will get it from the groundwork which I will reveal to you soon and implement it to my own, in many cases where I have done this, my design has always been more beautiful than the prototype I followed it footstep. I have access to more than 1000 Premium Themes with visual C topographies prototypes and I will share the source with you at the right time.
  3. The third thing is that, I will then get the domain name and hosting; before I move further let me explain to you what a domain name is, a domain name is a website address like nicheroutedotcom, or facebookdotcom while hosting is a web space where all the website files are being stored. After getting this, I will now design the website offline using step 1 and 2 above then upload it online at the when I am done.

What I mentioned above is exactly How I use to build websites using WordPress and without any penalty; some people use to ask me a questions which is

Can I Use WordPress Without
Internet Connection?

The Answer is Yes, Yes You Can Use Wordpress Without Internet Connection! I have prepared a video below to show you how I use it offline and the jobs that I have successfully done with it.

Watch the video below


How You Can Start Designing Websites
Using Wordpress Offline

Some people have been asking me how they too can start using Wordpress to design any type of website they ever wanted to design and I want you to know that I have you in mind.

I have an uncensored video tutorial on how to build a professional website using wordpress; it is just like you are standing on my shoulder to learn web design while watching the video, you are only two hours away from becoming a professional web designer.

Inside this Video, I explained in detail how worpress work and how you can jump start using it with all problems solved.

I use to think I knew wordpress that is it not just to install wordpress, install theme, customize it and upload… huh.. it is more than that my friend, I made a lot of mistakes and spent a lot of useful time trying to figure some simple settings out.

I have prepared this video for you not to make the same mistake I made that made me stayed almost one year before I mastered Wordpress. With this video, all you need is two hours then you can start to design different websites.

Here Are What You Will Learn
In This Web Design Course

bullet How to install wordpress offline
bullet How to use worpress offline without internet
bullet How to use WAMP server to get great result with wordpress offline
bullet How to install wordpresss theme
bullet How to know website’s prototype
bullet How to customize/edit wordpress theme
bullet How to change web page colour
bullet How to create pages
bullet How to customize menu
bullet How to customize footer
bullet How to create data base
bullet How to create data base user
bullet How to back up data base offline & Online
bullet How to upload data base Online
bullet How to use visual C to get outstanding result
bullet How to install plugins
bullet How to insert logo
bullet How to create stunning slides on home page
bullet How to insert pricing table
bullet How to create a web form
bullet How to create contact page & Appointment page
bullet How to create portfolio for your product
bullet How to transfer your website from offline to online within five minute
bullet How to socialize your website

That Is Not All, You Will Also
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bullet You Will Discover Web Hosting Secret that will take your business to the next level.
bullet Secret Revealed About Registering a Top Level Domain Name.
bullet How to host a website in the cloud within 10 Minutes.
bullet Discover the easy way to transfer files to your web host folder
bullet Step by Step guide on how to transfer one website from a web hosting company to another hosting company without any professional assistance.
bullet Method you can apply immidiatly that will help you master wordpress within 24 hours.
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