Do You know that  

Everyday some people get Paid When You receive SMS on your Phone.


How To Make N100,000

Monthly With A

Mobile Based Business

Complete Set-Up-For-You

Undemand Bulk Sms Business

in Nigeria

My dear friend reading this page, I want to tell you that mobile marketing is huge, very huge that it worth over 10 Billion Dollars, no wonder the big men in Nigeria use the power of Mobile to make millions. Look at Gbenga(Adenuga) the owner of Globalcom, One of the most richest person in Africa. This people are silently making millions of Naira everyday from each and every mobile phone users in Nigeria and abroad.

Do you know that anytime you receive an sms on your cell phone, someone is making serious money. You have missed so much money because i am sure you are smart and if probably you’ve heard about this mobile business, you should have made few millions with it.

Let me come plain to you, this business was kept a secret for millions of Nigeria, you know why? we are afraid of competition, but this year 2017, I already determined to let people get all the details about my hidden mobile business secret that average me over N100k every month, just as an extra income and if N100k is okay for you too as an extra  source of income to your already have job or a source of income for you as a student, then follow every information on this page and make sure you take a quick action.

When you hear big names like MTN, GLO,AIRTEL and ETISALAT, how do you feel? The owners are billionaires right? yes you are right, they are making crazy money everyday of their life. Imagine over 170 millions of Nigerian and almost 80million mobile Phone users, Imagine if only 30million send sms per day at the rate of N4, let’s do some calculations 30,000,000 X 4 = N120,000,000 that is around N120,000,000. so that means Nigerians spend close to a hundred and twenty million naira daily sending text messages. So are you still wondering why the owner of Glo a billionaire?????.

You see my friend, Information is power and if you are not informed, you will be deformed, few years back, I went to a conference where we were showed how to start our own mini telecommunication company but we will only be rendering one service and that is just TEXT MESSAGING. We were told about the trend in mobile marketing and luckily I was able to build my own SMS BUSINESS WEBSITE with the training.

I launched my Bulk sms business and that same month I banked my first ever N38,000 IN PURE income. I keep on leveraging it up and my bad month will be at-least N100k in earnings.

You see friend, Making Money is not difficult, but Information aren’t available. I want to fully equip you with the right information you need with my four years experience of running my Mobile Business and How I am able to achieve success within my first month. Since this business required little management time and you can run it even without a computer.

Most people don’t know this, but each time a text message is sent to you or anybody else, someone, somewhere who runs a BULK SMS business is…

Making A Lot of Money

Not Yet convinced? visit www.bulksmskobo.com

Here’s an example:

Let’s say a church near you (could be the one you attend), has 5000 members. And you happened to have a BULK SMS business. You have them use your BULK SMS portal (I’ll show you how very easy it is to get one) and they send an SMS twice a week,It means in a year (52 weeks) you would have sold 520,000 SMS units to them.If you make a profit of just N1 per SMS unit sold, it means you will earn N520,000 per year from this one Church! And you can do this EVERY YEAR. How about having just 20 churches using your bulk sms service? Wow you are in money.

And you can do this for

  • Churches

  • Mosques

  • Schools

  • Night Clubs

  • Business Owners

  • Salons

  • Banks (especially Micro-Finance banks)

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Politicians contesting of elections!

  • Any even single individuals

Politician are also BIG spenders on Bulk sms and There are so many way to get them use your BULK SMS service.…

Just the fact you’re reading this short letter on our website tells me you want to attract more money into your life through this business opportunity the mobile trend has presented to you. So congratulations for taking inspired action.

There Are Actually Three Major Ways
You Can Make BIG Money
With a Bulk SMS Business

  1. Individuals will signup at your portal to buy and send SMS to their family, friends and other contacts. These are your “Personal Users”.

  2. Organizations, companies and churches will signup to buy and send SMS to their members. These are your “Group users”.

  3. Resellers (People who also want to own their own BULK SMS portals) will pay you huge money (you can charge =N=30,000 or even higher) to sign them up and they will start to buy SMS units in Bulk from you and sell to their customers. These are your “Sub-resellers”.

Oh yes, you can help people set up these same portals.

The income possibilities are just endless and you can get started immediately!

Not Yet convinced? visit www.bulksmskobo.com

But How Do I Get Started?

I seriously want to help 5 People this month to Completely Build their BULK SMS WEBSITE and also give them  Online professional  training manual  on How to Be successful using my simple ABC methods Of making Money with their Bulk SMS business.

To start, you need a Bulk SMS portal.

And that’s where a little problem comes up for most people.

You see, before now, to set up a BULK SMS portal, you would need to source at least =N=400,000 for gateway access, website design, hosting etc. That was actually what I paid some few years ago when starting my own Bulk Business/ But not anymore. I want to help 5 people have their Own Mobile Bulk SMS Business just exactly like www.bulksmskobo.com and also help them get started with my user Guide and 100% support and I will also send you all the marketing materials you need to begin to attract clients like ants are attracted to Sugar.

Don’t forget you don’t have to do any hard thing, other than getting paid and completing sms orders.

You can get started immediately.

Here’s how:

Normally, hiring a programmer to build a bulk sms website for you with all the features you need will cost around N400,000. This is close to the amount I spent when I did mine few years back, But we have build an infrastructure to create your own bulk sms business for less.

I want to personally help 5 Nigerian get started with this month in a new innovation and If you are one of those 5, today is your lucky day.

The Cost of Us Creating your Own Bulk sms Business for you is only N23500 and when you Make Payment now, Your Complete Business will be launched in 48 hours, what you will get after payment. We will

We will Register A domain name (Your website address) .

We will offer you free  web-hosting services for life.

Your Bulk sms Components Is already pre-install for you.

Build a beautiful Bulk SMS business website that can start Making you Money just like www.bulksmskobo.com

Integrate  payment page where your sms users can pay to your bank account just like we do.

In fact, you will get exactly the same bulk sms website as www.bulksmskobo.com.

You can create  your bulk sms logo, Upload background image, customize your bulk sms website any how you want it without knowing any single line of code

Apart from you getting the same Bulk sms Website set up, you will equally have ability to

Create set up sub-reseller  and your reseller can equally set up thousand reseller

Your users will get instant SMS alert message to your cell phone when they purchase sms unit from your portal

You will get a complete Bulk SMS Sign Up Form, Login Form and Complete brand SMS get Way API for your Reseller

100% QUICK SUPPORT anytime you run into problem.

Click HERE to View Sample of How Your Bulk SMS Will Look Like

Here are some Benefits of Starting a Bulk SMS Business

  • You are your Own BOSS

  • You will Make residual income from all your customers

  • Leverage–Owning a successful bulk SMS business means you own assets both tangible and intangible

  • Fulfillment – you”ll be fulfilled

Bulk SMS is a profitable business

because it help you to build
recurrent and passive income

 So, What Are You Waiting For ?
Take decisive action now…Consider
Cash and Opportunities
You stand to lose if you don’t own
your Mobile Business now!!!.


 As a Bulk Reseller, you will get for yourself a beautiful designed Bulk SMS website where you can  buy and resell bulk sms to customers at a cheaper rate. With your Bulk SMS website as a reseller, you will be able to offer a bulk SMS services to Millions of Nigeria. You can make a full or a part time income through bulk SMS. The income Potential of owning a Bulk SMS business in Nigeria is very high and we will help you to design a and host a beautiful Bulk SMS website that will be generating income for you day in and day out on a 24 Hours basis.


Website Development 15,000

Domain Name: ₦3500 per year

Bulk SMS App: ₦5000

Web Hosting Fee: Free , we offer all our reseller free web hosting for their bulk sms website with 99% Run Time.

SMS Credit Unit: 1000 SMS Unit this will help you to get started

Total Reseller Cost: ₦23,500

You will get a Complete Bulk SMS Website interface and features that will help you start bulk sms business in Nigeria within 24 to 48 hours.

If you are ready to venture into Bulk MS business, then use the instruction below  to get started.


All our intending customer are expected to make  payment either online or using Bank Deposit or Mobile Transfer to any of the below Bank Account before sending us payment notice. We do not treat any registration without payment. sending us payment notice without making payment for your Bulk SMS Reseller Business you want to start with us is just a waste of your time because our Account Audit Department won’t attend to you. So we advice you to make payment first either using your ATM card or go to the Bank and make cash Despot or Mobile Bank Transfer before sending us payment notice.




ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1014866918

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0045585084

After Payment;
Text us your Name(the one you use during form application), your Mobile number, Bank you make your payment, amount you paid, date of payment, depositor name, Teller No, the purpose of your payment  e.g paid for Bulk SMs Reseller Set Up, your proposed Bulk SMs Reseller Name, eg. richbulksms.net[minimum of 2 different names is required]. Send the details to 08136367446 or contactinstantmobile@gmail.com.


You can Pay Online with Your ATM Card for your Bulk SMS  Reseller Fee.Note: Write down your transaction ID.

Making payment using your ATM Card is  *Secured* & Fast!


Once we register your domain name, your bulk sms website will be ready within 24 to 48 Hours and you can start offering bulk sms service just like us.

If you have any question call us on 08136367446

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