Digital Market Coin [DMC]

Digitizing the Eco-System of Nigeria Telecom and Web Asset Sector. The First Digital Trade Mark Coin in Nigeria and Africa.

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Digitize the Word

DMC is a coin that is set to Digitize the Eco-System of Nigeria Telecom and Web Asset Sector. DMC is the First Digital Trade Mark Coin in Nigeria and Africa.

DMC Power

You can instantly exchange your Coin at will without hassle  and get it as cash in your Bank Account or use it to buy products on net.

Made For Nigerian Investors

DMC is the only Trade Coin asset coming from Nigeria and this can only mean new innovation in Technology and Digital revolution in Nigeria and Africa.

What is DMC?

DMC is the First Digital Trade Mark Coin in Nigeria and Africa. DMC combine 2 way Digital Market products [Telecom Product & Digital Web Asset  Product] to increase in Value/Price which in turn reward the holder of the coin through the general profit share the company generate. DMC Telecom product increase value is drive from Telecom Market Base platform of the company at [] and DMC Digital Download Web Asset Product increase in price is drive from Digital Web Asset Market of the company at []. DMC coin value can be use as a stock of value and also as a means of purchasing both Digital and Telecom Product using the above mentioned platform. Purchasing and holding DMC Coin is equivalent of Gold knowing fulling well that the profit from market sells of the above platform is shared to each investors every month and the share holder of the coin can withdraw the coin each month.Holder of DMC can request to cash out the Coin once every first day of the  month to physical cash like Naira and get the Naira equivalent credited to any Nigerian Bank Account or to be use in purchasing both Digital Download Product at [] and Telecom Products at []. DMC plan to lunch it Market Cap where the coin increase or decrease can be viewed  and analyze  by the Public and investors. Note: 5DMC is equal to 1% share of the company total sales profit. The DMC coin value will be auto-deducted with 40% and pull back to the company main capital for the expansion of the two mention company products. The Shoulder of the coin are to withdraw 60% of the coin base on the current value of the coin as at the time the request is made. Kindly seek support for clarification if you are not sure of the above terms and condition. Each Sales of Coin last for 2 Month and once the count down for the current Initial Public Offering Hit zero, the DMC coin will be over for that public offering. waiting for the next re-opening.


Safe And Secure

DMC is quite secure and does not in anyway have external attack from hacker from the holder of the Coin.

Most Secure Wallet

DMC exist in Wallet form and the wallet is fully secure with multi-layer based technology. The coin went into freeze when not in use.

Covered By Insurance

You do not have a thing to worry as we have a strong insurance policy for each coin holder. Your investment is 100% protected.

We Bring together Telecom plus Digital Marketplaces & Smart Investment

DMC is here to be the first and only legal tender that are set to digitized the Digital Web Asset Market and Telecom sector in Nigeria. DMC is created to solve the problem of both trade and investment knowing fully well that Digital Web Asset and Telecom Sector is everyday consumer base products. Holding DMC is like holding a Gold knowing fully well that it will appreciate in Value.

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Step on How to Buy DMC

Decide How many DMC you want to buy, the minimum DMC you can buy is just 5 and the current rate of 1DMC=N50 and 5DMC is equal to 1% share of our company sale total share total sale profit.The total share the company sales to the public is 50% per month and as such we have limited spot for coin purchase and Value of DMC also increase base on purchase of the Coin from the General public. The investor invest 40% to the company overall capital and can request for withdrawal of the coin value of 60% base on the coin value as at the time of request. Withdrawal of con is open once every month. Every Investors is also given a unique interface where they can monitor the sales taken place on the company. A DMC Wallet Account is also assign to each investors where they can monitor their coin and sale share profit statistics.

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Our Expert Team

DMC is a Digital Token Coin created and hold electronically and can be use as a legal tender for buying of products or withdrawing it to cash. We have assemble the best expert in the world to Make DMC a successful project in Africa. among them include.


Victor Lawrence

General IT Manager

Sylvia Vargas

DigitalCoin Researcher

Elisha Shawn

DMC Expert

Chgristian Elliott

HRM Lead

Our Advisory Team

DMC is here to Digitize Nigeria trade mark Eco-System. You only know good products from good adviser and here are our world best advisers.


Archer Solomon James

Investment Strategist

Acadia Rose

Portfolio Manager

Ronan Charles Bennett

Fundamental Analyst

Everett Hawthorn

Fundamental Analyst

Elena Pearl

Operational Manager

Sylvia Pearl

IT Manager

Milena Belle

Security Advisor

Irena Claire

Operational Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the few question you may want to ask about DMC.

You can buy DMC coin with Naira. Minimum purchase of DMC coin is 5 and 5DMC coin is equal to 1% share of the company total sale profit at the end of every month.

You just have to make your purchase of the coin using the above call to action buy button, after we confirm your payment, your DMC wallet will be credited with the 60% total coin purchase.

We accept Bank Deposit, ATM Payment and you can also pay to DMC Agent nation-wide.

There will definitely be sales. Instant Mobile NG and Web Digital is the two platform where sales are made. Instant Mobile NG is a Telecom Base platform that sales daily Products on Airtime VTU, Data Subscription, Membership Subscription, Bill Payment etc and Web Digital is a Market Place where you can buy Web Application of divers form so practically, there will be sale and if the two platform did not make sale at the end of the month, DMC coin value may increase from investors purchasing power. We have 1 to 3 thousand Nigerian and outside country visiting our platform on a daily basis. If there is not sale at the end of the Month, your coin value remain the same.

DMC coin have a lifetime Validity. You can request for Coin withdrawal once every month.

No, your profit and contract with us ends the moment you withdraw your DMC coin.

Grow your DMC coin today !

DMC coin increase in Value every month making it a good opportunity for investors like you to buy and hold the coin for great increase in Value over time. Get your DMC coin now and hold for great increase. 1 DMC coin current value is 50 and it  is estimated to increase to ₦150 per coin before February 2019.