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Welcome to this blog post, in today blog post, i will be showing step by step guide on you can buy Glo Data plan in Nigeria at a very cheap price using a platform called InstantMobileNG.

What is InstantMobileNG

INSTANTMOBILENG is a VTU Telecom base platform in Nigeria that services your daily needs ranging from AirtimeVTU, Data, Bills Payment, TV subscription, Electricity Bills, Instant Nation-wide bank Transfer, Educational Epins services etc at a very cheap and Affordable prices. We are the creator of VTU Portal Creator Script, a VTU Script that help you to create  an Instant DIGITAL Telecom Recharge Platform, VTUPlus a VTU Invest program which aim to pay you back your capital in 1-12 month for client who order for VTU-Reseller Package or VTU Portal Creator. We are the best and remain the best when it come to Telecommunication business in Nigeria.

Step to Buy Airtel Data Plan in Nigeria at a very cheap price using InstantMobileAPP

To start kindly follow the step below

1. Open a free account on InstantMobile Nigeria client area, click here to open a free vendor account

2. Login into your instantMobileNG Vendor  account area by clicking here
once you login into your account, you will be presented to the environment similar to the below image, these is what we called your dashboard.

3. Click on fund wallet, click here to see the wallet funding option, please when you are there on the wallet page, make sure you click on bank detail to see the bank to make your payment

4. After making your payment to fund your wallet, submit your payment notification by clicking here so you can notify admin about your payment, click here to submit your payment notification.

5. Wait for few minute for your account to be funded by the admin, once your account have been funded, it is now time to buy GloData or any other service available on the app.
6. To buy Glo Data Plan, kindly click here and fill up your Data purchase order detail which is just your phone number, note these phone number being requested here is the phone number in which you want the data to be sen to so do not make mistake of entering a wrong phone number.

7. Once you have enter the phone number and selected the data Glo data Plan range you wish to buy, the next thing to do is to click on continue and in the next screen that display choose pay with wallet and wait for few second for the system to process your order. Once everything is okay, the system will give  a successful screen short telling you that your order have been processed and once that is done, wait for few minute let say 5 minutes, the data you subscribe will arrive on the phone in which you subscribe the data.

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