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What is VTU API Switch? It is a process where the admin of any VTU website can switch from one API system provider to another. This is only possible if your VTU script supports Multiple API Switch. 

What is an API.- This simply means Application programming interface and it is a process of interacting with  a third party remotely using advanced coding techniques such as POST and GET function among few parameters. 

How to perform API switch

  1. API Documentation. You need to understand and master the API you wish to switch to that way you can easily do the API switch. 
  2. Software Parameter. Your VTU software must have enough API data parameters to be able to perform the switch. 
  3. End Point. You need to understand the possible end point of the new API switch you wish to perform an API switch to. 
  4. Coding Debug. Your VTU script needs to support Code Debugging that way you can understand and see possible errors and make a fix of the error during the switching. 

Why you must build your VTU portal base on API switch system 

  1. You are not dependent on any API provider 
  2. You are in charge of your VTU system 
  3. Your business is not tied to a particular provider

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