Do you know that you can make full Time Income by reselling our Digital Products?. Instant Mobile NG have created and design our Distributorship package to be the one of the best payout Virtual Top up program in Nigeria where you will be making some cool cash by reselling our all-in one Digital Tele-Com Product that give all our end distributor customer the ability to buy Airtime of all Network, Pay Bills like GOTV, DSTV, Startimes, Buy MTN Data. Our Distributorship package program give all our distributor the privilege to be printing money out of thine Air. According to National Communication commission, statistics has it that the rate of daily purchase of Airtime estimate to be 4 Billion Naira, these is to tell you that you stand a better chance of making it big in these distributor package.

In  2012 when the network providers introduced Virtual Top Up (VTU) my interest rekindled again because now, there was no physical cards to carry, no minimum of N100,000 physical stock to buy, no theft or loss.  With much less than this amount I can carry airtime of all the network operators unlike when I had to buy recharge cards of each network of different amounts.

So why am I tell you all these, its for your to  appreciate the struggles involved in becoming an  airtime distributor which you are getting for a token with the benefit of using one account to top up all the network providers and the extra benefits  of making money via Data subscription, Airtime Sale, Startimes, DSTV and GoTV subscription.

You really cannot compare what obtains now with what it was like then.  I tell you this is one of the best time to make money in VTU sales even while you sleep.  Remember in the days of recharge cards your business closes when you close for the day, but not anymore because I get lots of people top up their phones and data after midnight and I still get paid commissions even when I am sleeping.

Now that there is global financial crisis, the stock market has fallen, the real estate is stifled and daily personal cost of living is rising what business can I possibly do?, what is the way out of my daily financial challenge?.

What business can I do that would generate me daily income to take care of my daily expenses?

Well, let me introduce you to a business that I and my Company have been doing for sometime, a business in which I no longer pay for my phone airtime top up and that makes me money even when I top up my personal phone with airtime.  A business that I make non stop money on a daily basis (even when I am asleep) because everybody needs my services.  A business that you can do without any overhead(s) anywhere in Nigeria amongst other derivable benefits.

Well, you may be wondering.  What is my business?.

My business is “selling Virtual Top Ups of major telecommunication companies” perhaps you have never heard of it before or you have even done it before or you have not taken a deeper look into the potentials of this business.  Then let me invite you to get my VTU business package to demystify all your worries and answer the silent questions you might be asking yourself.

But you may be saying I don’t have money to start a new business; Yes I know, that is why we are  offering you this opportunity at a reduce cost price of N5000.

I want you to know that airtime top up/recharge is a multi-billion naira a month industry and your money also accounts for this mega sum.  Let me ask you, do you make money in this above stated mega sum?  Perhaps yes or no.  I am not talking about buying recharge cards or airtime online without making commission. I am talking about making money whenever you top up your phone airtime and even those of your friends or customers.  Do you know we make between 1% to 3% on every recharge that our agents and customer sell and 5% commission on virtual top up that we personally sell?  Do you also realise that one of the world richest men Carlos Slim is in the telecommunication industry and other world richest men are either in the business or buying over successful telecommunication companies around the world?  Now you know why this is a worldwide multi billion dollars industry, and you too can make a fraction/percentage of this mega sum by playing at your level and make your own money in the industry.  Imagine with the population of over 180 million Nigerians how much money you too can make in your area from this above mega sum.

I have a question or two for you, where/how do you buy airtime for your phone airtime top up?  I am not talking about buying airtime top up from a website online or your bank internet platform as it is in vogue now, of which you are not given any commission/very little commission or most often you just buy from shop/street vendors.  How do you buy your data plan for your internet (browsing) usage?  In case you are surprised why am I asking you these questions.  The reason is I want you to know that if you are still buying airtime or data top up from any of these above ways you are loosing money.  How you may ask?

What if I could show you a way to make money without leaving the comfort of your home, would you be interested?

Have you heard about virtual top up? if you have, have you been using it before now or are you using it presently?  Again I am not talking about buying airtime top up from websites, mobile money sites/apps or from your internet bank account in which you buy virtual top up with little or no earnings at all.  I am talking about having your own agency whereby you will be paid commissions for any airtime and data plan amount you purchase for yourself, or on behalf of another or that you resell via your own agents who make money (ie commissions) on your behalf and from whom you make money from their sales.

I want you to know that logical cards (scratch cards) which we are very used to is gradually being phased out and would be replaced by Virtual Top Up (VTU) sometime within the next one year or thereabout.  You may be asking how does that bother me or what is in it for me?.  Remember I said this is a multi-billion naira industry (which is said to be over N200 billion per month) therefore there is money to be made therein.  Now before the sleeping giants of the logical card sellers wake up to the reality of VTU you are already making money it in.  Simply by being an airtime vending agent NOW that it is easy to become one.  Remember at the start of GSM in Nigeria, it was easy to become an airtime card distributor or reseller compared to what obtains now.

I also want you to know that for our banks to be aggressively offering us VTU service via their internet banking platform means there is money to be made therein.  Please note that when you top up your phone airtime via your bank account, your bank makes as a little as 5% to 6% from your purchase and sadly you make 0%.  I have also previously enriched my bank via this method of topping up my phone airtime and made 0%, but I now make 6% when I directly top up my phone airtime and when I buy a data plan.  Now, if you multiply 5% to 6% commission made by banks by millions of bank customers nationwide from every VTU transaction you know the obscene amount I am talking about.  The question is, what do you make from these obscene amounts (which includes your money) which the banks makes very day? So why not Join our distributor Package or with only N5000 and grow the business to even partnership level where you make the Big Buck.

Main Features of our Distributor Package:

The one time opening/ Activation fee of these account is N5,000 and you will have an instant Bonus of N500 after activation. This type of an Account have the ability and facility to sell Airtime of all the GSM network in Nigeria with 5% discounts., Distributor can sell Airtime of all Network, Sell Data and Pay Bill. 

Register today by obtaining our Distributor Form online by visiting our Registration page select Instant Mobile Distributor Package under Account type. For more information Call: 08136367446

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