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Welcome to InsttantMobileNG, in this guide we will be looking at the most top 4 trending Telecom product you need to have in your VTU platform in 2022  before you think of making real passive income in Nigeria.
What is Telecom products, this simply means the products that revolved around Telecommunication in Nigeria products like airtime Data, TV, electricity bill etc.

Now so many VTUPortal have spring up in the last couple of the year and some people who have started out as a reseller have been asking question like, what is the product I should focus on, how can I recovered my invested capital, now in these very post, we shall look at the main products that really move the telecom industry market in Nigeria right now and while you should get these product right on your VTU Portal before you think of making real money in 2022 or beyond.

Before we proceed,

You need to know that telecommunication business is not something you start today and gbam you begin to see 1-6figure tomorrow, Telecommunication business especially VTUPortal owner need to know that it is a gradual process kind of business that you need patience and perseverance to make a decent cash from the business.
  1. AirtimeVTU. Now people that want to start up Telecom business especially people who order for VTU portal setup look down on airtiimeVTU as  product but I to to shock you and to present too you that AirtimeVTU is very vital and follow the top product in Telecom business that will make you real money in Nigeria. If you need more knowledge about how to calculate your profit margin on airtime Business, then click here to read the full post that explain the airtime Business profit margin in detail.
  2. Data Bundle. Now these is not new and everyone must know that Data plan is a trending product in Telecom business and the reason is because data is every day consumption kind of product, you need data to stay online, browse on your favorite website or to do your research. One of the trending Data Network in Nigeria right now is MTN corporate Data and SME. people cannot just stop buying these 2 products so if you really want to make real money in Nigeria as a product service provider in Nigerian telecom space then you should consider selling data especially top trending Data Network as a top priority in your business. We have a detail Data Vending Profit calculation margin we have posted previously which you can read now by clicking here to see how much you can make by selling these product on your website.
  3. AirtimetoCash. people have been in search and are seriously looking for a way to convert their existing airtime on the phone to Cash and if you have these product on your VTUportal, it will sell like charm.
  4. VTUPortal Setup Service. Now we put these as the last service because this is where the bulk  money we mentioned in most of our videos on youtube come from. What is VTUPortal setup, it simply means setting up the same VTU website you have now for others and then in turn geting paid handsomely for doing so.A lot of VTUportal Owner who join these business always look down on these product simply because they are busy looking for customer to buy from them. Now if you must succeed in VTU business in Nigeria, you need to double your hustle within the VTU industry and open your are to wide range of other services that will really bring money in your table not just selling the product to people, one of the hot and best approach to making mega profit in Telecom Business is to setup VTUPortal for others resellers. Take for instant, if you have a VTUPortal and you have a reseller setup page included on your VTUPortal and may be in a week, you get 5 orders of people who wish to own their own reseller website and you are charging them let say N20k and you are making N10k per setup multiply these amount by 5, we will now have N10000x5=N50,000 so you will be going home with N50,000, now take it back to selling the product, you need like 300 customers and minimum order of at lest 10 per day from each customer to achieve theses kind of result in 1 week. I live you to make a wise choice of what to promote inn the business.
if you have a VTUPORTAL with us and you are reading this post, probably you do not have a reseller page included, we can help include an eye catching reseller landing page for you in your VTUPortal so you can start making the mega profit we talk about above at rate of N5000. These page normally cost N15000 for setup but for a limited time frame, you can order for a VTU reseller setup page inclusion on your VTU website at rate of N5000 now. This offer is available to only 3 reseller who will take action now . If you have not also order for your own VTU portal setup, I think these is the right time to get started, to order for reseller portal visit here and pick up a package of your choice and make your payment.