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Welcome to INSTANT MOBILE NG we are the first and only independent Stand alone Vending solution platform in Nigeria and beyond.

INSTANT MOBILE NG Vending Application power a lot of Telecom base services such as AirtimeVTU, Data Subs, Bill Payment, Epin, Bitcoin buy and sale, Recharge Card Voucher Epin, Affiliate program, Nepa Bill, Fund Transfer etc. and a lot of People especially developers and website owners have been asking us how they can integrate our solution to their existing website so that they can render telecom services on their site using our gateway interface and and also monitor the transaction of their customer’s in real time on their own site,We have developed and extended our software vending application to accommodate these need and Client who have an existing business website in Nigeria and who want to integrate our telecom service solution into their website can comfortably do that within 48 hours.


We have a Vending Script ready for Integration into any existing business website called it API or retailer application solution, this integration work on any programming language you used in building your own end-application, You can now render the same services Instant Mobile NG render on site directly on your site without lifting a finger, all you need to do is to order for the Integration Script from Instant Mobile NG and within 48 hours the script will be integrated either on your already existing root domain name or it directory. Our Software application system does the products sales and assigning of Commission to you and to your client. You do not need to deliver products as our Software Terminal does that for you completely on auto-pilot.

Remember that Instant Mobile NG since over 4+ years of business have been known just for 1 thing and that is  Instant Products Delivery . We are not here to play around or to start and close tomorrow, We are here to take telecom business in Nigeria to it climax so join the race now to avoid been left behind.


You don’t need to pay much to get started as you can have a robust telecom business application setup for you within 48 hours from now. No need to change your business plan or draw another scary business plan or hair another developer that will bill you high and another good thing about this new software integration API is that it run continuously in as much as you are running your Developer business account with us.


When you order for our Integration Script, you are to send us few details such as

1. Your Cpanel login detail, this is needed to enable us integrate our Vending Script on your existing website directory

2. Your prefer Root Directory where you want the vending solution to be deploy like if your domain name is, you may decides to install the script on or or The product or store or telecom is the directory where we are to install our script that will call back our software terminal for delivery of products just like how works.

3. The commission Rate you want us to add on Airtime, we charge flat rate of 5% on All network for developers with existing website. So for instance, you may decides to charge your user 2% or 3% while you make 2or 3% per each Airtime VTU your user buy on your site. Data Subscription price have a fixed Commission rate Amount of N30 per each data your customer buy from your site, our system credit back this commission for you on our site any time a products is sold on your site. Other services like TV Subscription, Nepa Bill or Education Epin or Bitcoin have a flat rate commission of 1.5% per each sales.


1 Month
Browse Unlimited
Work on Adroid, Moderm, Iphone, Laptop, Desktop, BBM
1 Month
Browse Unlimited
Work on Adroid, Moderm, Iphone, Laptop, Desktop, BBM

4. A developer Account From Instant Mobile NG, this account is bill monthly with N1500 to keep your service up and running on our system. This may be review in the feature so keep an eye on this page, the fee of N1500 you pay covers your business for the next 1 month and all you do is to promote your website by getting people to use your platform. Any month you refuse to renew your Developer Account, it will lead to automatic suspension of your developer account from Instant Mobile NG and services suspension from your Vending Application business pending when you pay.

5. Fund Remitting, you are require to fund your own Instant Mobile NG developer account when a client pay you. Without funding your developer account on Instant Mobile NG, your client account will not be credited and your client order place on your site cannot be approve, in summery to this, Instant Mobile NG developer account Owner need to have steady fund with Instant MobileNG  to enable our software services your customer base. For instance, if MR A is your client and he or she pay N10000 to fund his or her account, could be ATM payment or Bank Deposit, you are to also fund your own Account with N10000 on your Instant Mobile NG Developer account. In summery to this, it is the fund you have with  Instant Mobile NG  that our software solution work with in approving of product/order on your site not the fund your client have on your site.


Integration cost for our software solution into any existing domain are done as follows:

1. N10000 one time Integration cost for Vending Application: Instant Mobile NG charges a one time Service fee set up of N10000 for integrating our Script and configuring it to work well on your site. This fee is paid before doing any integration.

2. N2000 per product interface integration: We discover that not everyone needs to have all the service we are currently rendering n our platform  on their own end that is why we charge N2000 per product interface integration on your site.

Developer can do product upload on their own on their site after integrating our solution using their admin back-end which will be assign to them but instant Mobile NG will personally Integrate Airtime Vend Interface, Data, Bill Payment other products can be done by the client without paying for it that is if he or she no tech too well. How it work is very simple, you buy into this solution integration by paying a 1 time Vending Application Integration set up fee of N10000 and let say you just want to have Airtime and Data on the Application the total fee you have to pay will be N10000+N2000+N20000=N14000 and may be you want Airtime, Data, TV Subs, Recharge Card Voucher, Bitcoin, Airtime to Cash, Nepa Bills, GSM Database, Bulk SMS, Fund Transfer etc, You have to pay N2000X10=N20000 plus N10000=N30000. Note, you can add more products not limited to telecom products on your business but rest assured to delivered the products to your client and we shall not be hold accountable for your action as regard to adding any third party products outside our own products. You are also require to inform us prior to uploading any products on your portal and admin approval process is done to check-met your products.

3. N45000 per Advance Software Integration: If you wish to have let say A membership system on your Business, you are require to pay us N45000 or you may want to run an MLM system, you will be billed N45000 for that.

4. Sale Page design: If you need a sale page like on your site you are to pay us N5000 per each page design.

5. Life Chart Integration and Management: if you need a life chart to put your customer through, we can add a life chart for you. Adding a life Chart Cost N3000, monitoring and attending to your customer will cost you N8000 per month.


After we have integrate our software system to your business, you will get a robust and advance admin back-end interface where you can view order, Manage your customer, Add Customer, View Transaction,  View life Reports, Add Products, Add Articles, View vendors, Update products prices, Delete customers,


Your customer will be able to buy all products rendered on site, Get automatic SMS notification, 24/7 products availability, real time statistics of orders,


Your customer can pay to you through Bank Deposit or ATM. If you choose to integrate with ATM payment solution, you may need to have Vougepay or Paystack account.


1. Send the above requirement such as cpanel details, your preferred directory as stated above, your site Address, Your Bank detail where your customer will pay you [i.e is if you chose bank option], your Private and public key for ATM payment integration i.e if you choose to integrate ATM payment solution, the list of products you want to integrate, the added charge you want us to charge your customer, the customer support phone line, send the details to and kindly select developer Account on the registration page and register after which you make payment of N16000 for Set up fee. You can also select order products on our site that you need  to include and calculate the total amount and pay for it.

Once you make your payment and Send the above details for us, We shall integrate our solution to your existing business under 24 to 48 hours.

For inquires Call/Whatsapp: 08136367446

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