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VTU Andrioid App Monetization Business

Get your vtu android app ready  in 24hrs from now and get it monetized earning 10-$200 daily completely on autopilot with or without selling a single VTU product working like magic.

Do you own a vtu website with us and wish to get your vtu money making android app and start earning in $ within 24hrs from now? Then you cannot afford to miss this golden onetime  opportunity

For limited time offer we want to empower only 50 selected vtu portal owner with us who will start earning money in $ via VTU Android App Monetization. Pick a slot now because we only need 50 vtu portal owner for this once we have 50 vtu portal owner order for this, no more room.

How it works

1.We will develop and give u a money making vtu android app base on ur vtu website u have with us already. If u do not have a vtu website with us you can also apply for this.

2. Activate 2 Ad revenue earning  system so you can start earning $10-$200 daily  instantly from day 1.

3. Teach you hack proof way on what to do to increase your earning and make over $200 per day

4. Upload your app to playstore (this is for high traffic purpose but you can make money with this even if your app is not on playstore)

How to get stated

1. You need a vtu website build with us or you can also order even if u do not own a vtu website with us but have your vtu website already. If you do not have a vtu website Get one here https://instanmobile.com.ng/pricing/

Any vtu package is okay for u to get started.

2. A onetime payment of N20,000 for VTU Android App and Monetization training. If u are an existing client with a vtu website with us, you can pay only N15000 instead of 20k. This amount will increase after few hours of this broadcast.

3. Google upload fee of N15000 if u wish your app to be on playstore. You can request for this latter..

Our Guarantee

If we did not deliver your app as promised and monetized it within 24hrs from now then kindly request for your money back.

To pay for this follow this step

Pay to


Account Number: 0110163548


After u make ur payment send your payment screenshot on WhatsApp along side with ur vtu website and expect ur VTU money making  Android app  within 24hrs and start earning $10-$200 daily with or without selling a single VTU product.

Before now making money on vtu business is hard, u need to build a vtu site,  look for customer, keep your customer and do marketing but all this have have now change  because with this new vtu Android App Monetization Business making money from VTU Business in Nigeria from  day 1 is guarantee and work like magic.

For support Whatsapp us 08136367446