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What is VTU Portal Creator Script, a VTU Portal Creator Script is a PHP Application that helps you to create  an Instant DIGITAL Telecom Recharge Platform and other bill payment system.

Advantage of VTUPortalCreator Script Over other similar Script 

  1. Custom Made. VPC is a custom made VTU Script that you can use to power your online digital recharging Business in Nigeria and beyond 
  2. Simple Flexible. The Script is very simple and flexible meaning that it is a user-friendly application. 
  3. Open Source. Open source here mean that you can use VPC to develop a fineTech payment system be it Bill Payment System, Data Subscription system, Betting System, POS, Banking APP, BulkSMS, Ticketing, NIN etc. 
  4. Great Language Codebase. VPC supports both Post & Gate restful API integration, making it flexible for developers to work and extend the app into other powerful applications. 
  5. CodeBase Field Variable. VPC comes with Vast codebase field Variables that allow you to build different kinds of form fields and parse requests using different parameters. Both Ajax, Cross Query and DB manipulation are all supported on the script. 
  6. Automated & Manual Product Development. Like other Similar scripts around the net, VPC supports both automated and Manual product development making it easy and flexible to collect and program apps to work in automated & Manual mode. 
  7. Program from Scratch. On VPC, developers can work with the script from scratch making it ideal to learn as you code any app on VPC. 
  8. API compatible. VPC supports thousands of API systems. Any third party that supports API integration can be coded inside VPC making it a universal app for multiple API integration. 
  9. Product Restriction. You can restrict product on VPC, hide or unhide product from the end user as you wish. 
  10. User Database filter. You can filter user databases like, email, phone number and export into any system for record keeping or massive broadcast. 

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