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Welcome to InstantMobileNG in this brief tutorial, we shall be looking at API Vs SimHosting to know the best option to go for when you want to setup you your own VTU portal. That is we shall be looking at VTU API Vs SimHosting setup solution  in Nigeria. This training tutorial will help you to have an informed decision of which of the technology to go for.

1.API. API simply means Application Programming Interface which is a Sever Side Script programming Language that help to outsource and parsed data to a third party application using Server Side Technology.

Server Side Technology is a situation where request initiated by user on the front end of an application are run at the background automatically and delivered the needed request plus return the necessary feedback to the user in real time in an automated mode.

Now VTU API is a technology that allow VTU portal owner to connect to a third party application remotely whereby order place on the VTU portal on the primary site are delivered automatically via API terminal within nono second.

2.SIMHOSTING. SimHosting in other hand, is a process whereby a VTU portal is programmed to deliver product using a SimCard hosted on the cloud. Here the user have to initiate a former request on the SimHosted website and the system will deliver the product automatically via the connected SimCard.

Now that we have define what both of them stand for I mean VTU API Vs SimHosting setup solution  in Nigeria, we shall compare the Advantage and Disadvantage of both Technology.


1. You can get started without having any additional money, just your VTU portal and the API system.

2. It is affordable and easy to run

3. Product are delivered in nono second

4. You do not need to worry about stocking of the product on your SimCard.

5. It is automated

6. No monthly renewal fee

7. Easy to manage and control


1. Your VTU system is run by third party

2. There may be issue of failed of products delivery

3. Network downtime


1. You are in charge of your product delivery and stocking of the product

2. Your manage your business via your Mobile phone

3. Product are deliver in nono second

4. No access to your fund by third party

5. It is automated

6. You are dealing directly to the service provider without middleman

7. Easy to manage and control


1. You need to pay a lot of money to get started

2. There may be issue of failed of products delivery

3. Very Capital intensive


The above is what differentiate VTU API Vs SimHosting setup solution  in Nigeria, it is left  for you as an intending Telecom Business owner to decide which Technology that is best for you and get started.

InstantMobileNg is currently supporting the development of the above 2 Technology. So if you are interested on any of the Technology mentioned above or you have made up your mind on the one to go for. Kindly use the below link to get started.



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