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Welcome to this blog post, kindly note that we are committed in making sure we give great news content and how to guide on Telecommunication business & make money niche in Nigeria. due subscribe and share this post if it benefit you in any one. in today’s post, we shall be looking briefly on how to Calculate profit margin on Data Vending Business in Nigeria  as a portal owner. This post are for people who have Design their own VTU automated website using our VTUPotrla creator script, so I advice, you order for your own VTU portal website now and have it ready before following this post case study.


If you create a VTU automated system using VTU Portal Creator software and may be you run a campaign for people to use your VTU system for ​Data Vending and let say, you have 500 ​Data Vendor user who buy ​1GB worth of ​MTN Data at a discount rate of N500​ and you are retaining ​N50 per ​Data vending on your portal, so in maths, this your 500 clients are vending ​Data  worth N500x500=N50,000 and your are making ​​500×50=N25000 for each 1GB ​Data from 500 client, if they are vending ​2GB each, you will be making N50000, if it is ​5GB vending per client, your profit will be N125000 daily. In a month your profit will be thus N750000, N1500000, N3750000 respectively .


Making money in Telecommunication business is very easy if you follow the above principle and maths, just like we use to say in most of our youtube video presentation, find a niche in Telecom business and a specific product that is your selling point and keep focus o it to make the big money.