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​Do you Need a VTU website for AirtimeVTU, SME and Corporate data Gifting Business in Nigeria

Do you want to have a VTU website but you don’t have the money to start one

INSTANTMOBILENG have brought up the best plan to help you achieve this goal easily

We are giving out ​ VTU website to 30 prospects user for a cheap and almost free plan

​How it works

You are to pay an entry fee of N7000 – N14500 at start of creating your VTU website for domain name registration and webhosting plus ​ free DailyIncomeNeed Link Integration if you chose a higher plan.

Note:: A monthly fee of N500 naira will be charged from you to keep your website active

Please take note of the following  condition

1. No access to the Webhosting

2. No access to the Script

3. No integration to any API except the one the system come with

4. Do not register your domain elsewhere and come for us to use it, it will not be allowed

5. To keep your VTU website active and to serve your customer you must pay a monthly subscription fee of N500 or you your vtu Website will be shutdown

6. You pay your monthly subscription  fee of N500 every last day of the month.

7. No Access to setup product price by yourself rather you send us your ​own pricing plan and we will update it for you

Want to see Sample of How your VTU Website will look like Check the below VTU website

Visit here to place order

Watch the Video Version