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Welcome to this post, In today post I will be showing you a new and automated platform which is fully decentralized that will pay you over ₦31M in 1-3 month time called N250Naira platform.

Whats is 250Naira Platform?

250NairaBiz is the first Decentralized Nigeria P2p Automated Crowd Funding System that allow each participant to earn ₦31M on the 1st package, ₦63M on the 2nd Package, ₦126M on the 3rd package, ₦36B on the 4th Package, ₦48B on the 5th package,and over ₦73B on the 6th package starting with only ₦250 as your only trading capital.

Membership Package

How to upgrade your 250NairaBiz Account :

Each package is different and you must register and upgrade on the current package your upliner is currently on, example, if you wish to register for STARTBIZ package and your upliner is on TESTBIZ package, the system will not allow you to buy that package. With this said, you need to ask your upliner the current package he or she is operating so you can upgrade your account to that package. Once you upgrade your account to any package, your downline also have to register on the package you register and their own downline will also do the same as well down to the level 9. If you wish to register people on all the packages then you need to have 3 different accounts and upgrade them to the respective packages before you start registering people up under the package they wish to upgrade to. Contact your upliner for more explanation on these. You also need to contact your upliner for account funding, Upgrade & Withdrawal because the system is fully Decentralized with no central authority, your upliner is like your leader and people under you see you the same down to your level generation. Pick a package below and click on invest Now to get started.

Visit https://250nairabiz.com.ng?reference=onyema to register on the first  package and to get started you need to request for activation fund

To get started Contact 08136367446 on whatsapp to request for wallet funding.