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Welcome to InstantMobile NG, in these brief training i  will be guiding you on how to start and a run a successful VTU business in Nigeria by teaching you on How to start VTU Business in Nigeria at a Cheapest Cost.

Introduction to VTU Business Business

What is VTU- VTU simply means virtual Topup, a way in which you can topup your phone using a web platform like instantmobile.com.ng. now the way know way of Recharging your phone is by visiting a road side vendor and buying recharge card from them but here on VTU recharge, you do not need to buy a credit, all you need to do is to login to your free VTU account and fund your wallet and use the walleet fund you have on your VTU account to buy Airtime or Data ust like you will do with your bank but these time around, you will be making money in the process when you recharge your line with Airtime or Buy Data.

How to start VTU Business in Nigeria at a Cheapest Cost

Best best way to to start VTU Business in Nigeria at a Cheapest Cost is to own your own VTU portal and then decides how to scale your business up.

What is VTU portal

VTU Portal is a web application that is programmed to developed products such as Airtime, Data, Bill Payment like GOTV,DSTV, Startimes etc on automatic mode.

How to get your own VTU Portal

You can get your own VTU Portal through instantMobile at a very cheap price and start your VTU business in a small scale and build it up with time.

To Get your own VTU Portal from InstantMoobileNG, kindly click here and select any of your preferred package and make your payment. Your VTU portal will be ready under 12 hours from now so that you can start your own VTU business.


Starting a VTU Business in Nigeria is very profitable due to the fact that VTU product such as Airtime,Data, GOTV, DSTV are everyday product you and I cannot do without. Thank you for reading through and do not for-gate to visit theses link to get your own automated VTU portal.