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Welcome to this blog post, In this post we shall be explaining to you  How to Custom Ultimat VTU platform at a promo Price . As the year is about to end, you need to plan ahead of time against next year especially in your financial area. We have prepared end of the year VTU package for you called VTU Ultimat Solution that will allow you to start VTU Business in Nigeria by 2024 at a very reduced cost price.

Start and Own an Automated VTU Dispensing Portal within 1-5Days from now and Start Generating Cash on Demand through powerful new VTU Automated Sale Funnel system, making over 50-350k per month is achievable even if you are just starting out new or have the business already, our VTU solution is the best in Nigeria and remain the best when you want to earn big on Telecommunication Business in Nigeria.

Grab this Virtual Top Up Business Portal Setup For Just ₦26,500 Only.

Here is a link to our previous advert for same website at N145,000, however you can be a proud owner of this same website for just a deposit of N26,500. Click here to see the previous advert and normal price

With A VTU Portal/Website You Would Be Making At Least N300,000 Monthly

Services You Can Render From Your Own VTU Automated Portal and how you earn Money Includes

1.Cheaper and Instant Airtime Recharge service for MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL

2.Cheaper and Instant Data bundle recharge service for MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE

3.Cheaper and Fast SME data service for MTN

4.Discounted Instant Cable TV payment services; Startimes, GOTV/DSTV from a source

5.Automated Sub Reseller Portal Setup system where your customer can order for their own VTU portal and get it connected to your own VTU website

6.You earn per second through your direct customers purchase who register on your vtu portal to vend from your portal and also earn per second through all your customer who own a reseller vtu portal with you

7.You earn from API user who connect their app to your website to vend services from your VTU Portal

8.Membership Income: You earn real time income from all your customers who upgrade to Reseller or Top user / API

9.Transaction Income: You earn real time income from all your customers who perform transaction on your own VTU automated portal through the base margin you have setup

Check Sample here

Do not miss this golden opportunity, you can even make a deposit!

We will not just build you a website, we will teach you a business that is tested and trusted.
Here are extras we will provide to you upon confirming your payments.

1.Free content promotion video.

2.Free coaching on advertising of your website.

3. A fully automated website from funding to data and airtime to bill payment.

4.We will start, process and Set up entire vtu system for automation without you lifting a finger.

5.Make sure your VTU system will be able to vend data, paybills and airtime automatically.

6.We shall also develop a well functional VTU sub-reseller sale page for you just like this very one you are now so you can get your customer to subscribe to own a VTU portal under your own VTU portal.

7.A complete lesson and unveiling the method to getting and selling your products even cheaper through VTU Sale Blueprint.

Free set up of online payments systems for your automated wallet funding.

8.Free set up of a hosting account for your website files and abilities to have Unlimited number of members on your website with Unlimited transactions

9.Free Lifetime support on your website so you will be guided until you know how to fully manage your VTU website.

Kindly note that we hand over all of the above to you on 100% ownership.

10. This services can be managed without us, you can even change your passwords and we will never have access to any of them as they are all independant of our website.

Our Target is to hand over this booming business to just 50 persons (payments so far is more than 50 persons already, but we wish to allow as many persons who are ready to own a vtu website) before the end of this month for just ₦26,500. That is a whooping ₦120,000 discount before going back to the normal price of ₦145,000.

Do you know you can even pay a none refundable ₦16,500 to grab this offer as deposit Only from this day till 11:59pm 30th January 2024. so that after we have setup the vtu system, you balance up your payment before you start fully.


Reasons Why This Virtual Top up Business Portal Is Your Best Guarantee ways to make money Right Now When It Comes To Earning Recurring Income on Daily Basis

With your custom Virtual Top Up Business Portal, you will get;

  1. 10% instant discount on all GLO data bundles
  2. 10% instant discount on GLO airtime VTU. Instead of paying N100 for airtime you will be charged just N90.
  3. MTN SME data 1GB at even lesser than N220. This is the popular MTN SME data package
  4. 1-3% discount on MTN airtime and direct data bundles
  5. 1-3% Discounts on AIRTEL airtime VTU and direct data bundles. That means if you are buying N1,000 worth of data, you will only pay N890 to skyrocket your profit margins.
  6. 1-3% discount on 9MOBILE airtime and direct data bundles
  7. 1% discount on Cable TV subscriptions compared to N100 extra fee on Quickteller. e.g. You are charged N891 for N900 Startimes NOVA bouquet
  8. 3 tiers user accounts system to set up your own discount and margins
  9. A flexible and simple wallet based system. This makes it easy for your registered customers to fund their wallets on your website.
  10. Online payment for your customers to fund their wallets instantly with their ATM card. So, you do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to fund wallets and respond to calls. Your business runs on autopilot.
  11. Step by step manual on how to operate and administer the portal even if you don’t have a laptop or pc.

You will get your own VTU Portal with;

  • 1 year .ng domain registration and secured hosting with 99% uptime guaranteed
  • Custom SSL certificate to secure your VTU portal
  • 24/7 email support system.

This is a special offer is for anyone that is interested in setting up an online business that guarantees daily income.

Therefore ACT FAST NOW!

This offer will expire on 30th of January 2024 and the price of the setup system will be increase by N5,000, this increment will continue until it hits the original price tag of N145000 so act fast now.

This offer is just N26,500 for website alone, capital is not included.
Capital for the business is very small (around N1000 upward is enough for you to get started) and you can get the needed capital instantly from membership wallet funding.
If you can refer at least two persons to grab this offer, We will pay you 30% of the total amount they all paid, that is cool right.

Only those who have made full payment of N26,500 before 30th of January 2024 will be counted among the 50 lucky persons, (payments so far is more than 50 persons already, but we wish to allow as many persons who are ready to own a website till 30th of January before closing finally).
All websites will be created and ready on or before the end of this month
No, deposit will be attended to after 11:59pm 30th January 2024.
To grab a slot, make payments of either the none refunded deposits to



Account No: 0110163548

before 11:59pm 30th January 2023 OR full payments before 30th of January 2024 to be counted among the 50 lucky persons.
After payments kindly notify us by whatsapp by clicking here. Kindly note that only full or completed payments before 30th of January 2024 will be counted.

If you have read this information to this point then you have one option of out these two;

Either you give this business opportunity the benefit of the doubt by signing up and reaping the profits


You ignore this offer, move on and keep looking for what else will work for you!

Whichever option you choose, offer closes after 50 slots (payments so far is more than 50 persons already, but we wish to allow as many persons who are ready to own a vtu website), Good luck

Thank you,


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