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Welcome too this blog post, we are supper existed to launch a Brand new program called VTUMSP.

VTUMSP is The Best Advance VTU Automated Software in Nigeria.

Say Goodby to paying heavily to own an automated VTU system in Nigeria that truely deliver VTU product  base on the promise, start with as little as 15k and start earning over 300k per month through VTUMSP Smart Telecom Approach Process, this is new and better way of making 300k monthly on Telecom Business in Nigeria completely on Autopilot.


Before now, Owing a VTU Automated portal in Nigeria that will help you to render VTU product and services in Nigeria such as AirtimeVTU, Data Subscription [MTN,GLO,AIRTLE,9MOBILE], Cable Payment  [GOTV,DSTV,STARTIMES], Electricity epayment, Examin EPINs, RechargeCarintings, Data Card etc, come with you paying high fee such as 80k-500k but all that have change now as you can now fully own an Automated VTU system that will deliver VTU related service completely on autopilot under 2hrs and even more such as Membership system upgrade earning, MLM, Advert, eCommerce, VTUMSP Smart Telecom Approach Process and Digital content upload are all now made possible through VTUMSP.

VTUMSP [VIRTUAL TOPUP MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION PORTAL] is therefor a VTU Software rendering platform and solution in Nigeria that enable you to own and operate a complete branded VTU Automated portal with your own domain name and you also enjoy a premium VTU services without spending big money on setting up VTU portal as obtainable today in Nigeria.

With as little as 15k, you can own a operate a VTU Portal that will truly make you money through sales of VTU related services and at the same time enjoy the best deal on Data services  and earning 300k every month through VTUMSP Smart Telecom Approach Process.

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